Pecans vs. Walnuts – Taste, Nutrition, Benefits & More

Pecans vs Walnuts Taste, Nutrition & Benefits

One of our friends recently moved into a new house and noticed that pecans were falling all over their yard this winter.  They had a pecan tree that was producing tons of pecans and dropping them to be picked and eaten.  So far, they have gathered over 5 pounds worth of pecans, ready to be … Read more

17 Healthy Foods that Start with E (Plant-Based)

Foods that start with E

Here is a list of healthy foods that start with E, (the letter E), and are good foods to begin eating and healthy for us.  You’ll also find some interesting facts and all the nutritional benefits that come from each one. These healthy foods beginning with E, are ones you can gain benefits from and … Read more

How to Soak Chia Seeds – A Complete Guide

Soaked Chia Seeds in Glass

In our family, we will usually soak chia seeds before eating them.  It’s usually a strange concept to most of our friends or family who see it, but this is something we’ve been doing for some time now. It really isn’t too hard to learn how to soak chia seeds.  In this post, I’ll share … Read more

WFPBNO Diet – Meaning, Experience, Thoughts & Weight Loss

WFPBNO Diet Whole Food Plant Based No Oil

Our family has been doing the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for years now, and without knowing it, we were eating the WFPBNO diet for some time as well without knowing it.  I even experienced some automatic weight loss on WFPBNO without even trying. Since then I’ve made some slight modifications to the WFPBNO diet based … Read more

Human-Environment Interaction Overview

Human Environment Interaction Geography

This post will introduce the concept of Human-Environment Interaction, what it is, how it relates to the themes of Geography, what some examples are, and more. What is Human-Environment Interaction? What is Human-Environment Interaction?  In Human-Environment Interaction, humans interact with the environment on a daily basis.  The environment changes the lives of humans and at … Read more

What is Blue Spirulina? Here are the Benefits & Danger

What does spirulina taste like?

You may have heard about Blue Spirulina as a new superfood or seen an Instagram post of a vivid blue drink with a caption about “Blue Majik”. In this post, we will look at what blue spirulina is, where it comes from, and the benefits of spirulina.  But also the one major danger in it … Read more

Vegan Diet for Weight Loss Shown to be Very Effective

Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

Here’s some great new proof of the power of a plant-based or vegan diet to promote weight loss as well as manage blood sugar levels. Researchers from Yale School of Medicine along with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine released this study after following 244 overweight men and women over 16 weeks. Half of the … Read more

The Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet of a Cardiologist

Hearth Healthy Diet of Cardiologist

Are you looking for how to keep your heart healthy or how to improve your heart health?  Did you know deaths from heart disease are the number 1 killer in the U.S.?  That’s why heart health is so important. We are going to look at how to improve heart health naturally. Have you considered what … Read more