My family and I have been living the Whole Food Plant Based life for years now, and have enjoyed great benefits. I want to bring this lifestyle and benefits to others here at Youeatplants.com, which is a site where you can find tips on living a Whole Food Plant Based diet lifestyle, including Flexitarian, WFPB, Vegan, Vegetarian, and DASH diets. You can find beginner guides as well as knowledge and explanations, including links to relevant resources I have found useful in my Plant Based journey. You can find advice and practical tips on how to incorporate the diet, as well as inspiration, encouragement, lessons and even great recipes and food lists.

I hope you can find this a great resource to improve your health and live the Plant Based lifestyle. Whether your goal is being healthier and reversing, stopping or preventing disease, increasing energy, increasing athletic performance, feeling better, saving money, protecting the environment, or helping with animal rights, you will find information and a guide here. I welcome you on the journey and hope to be of use. Please comment in the articles and posts and let me know what you think or what other info I can bring. Also visit the Plant Based Diet channel on YouTube to check out videos and remember to subscribe for great video updates.

You can find a Whole Food Plant Based Guide as well as a WFPBNO Diet Meaning & Guide.

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