Over 25 Animals that Eat Grass

Donkey eating grass

In a previous post, we looked at herbivores that eat grass primarily, known as grazers or graminivores.  We also looked at examples of these animals as well. This post will look at more examples of animals that eat grass, even those that do not eat primarily grass. Animals that Eat Grass Here are some of … Read more

Animals that Eat Only Plants or Pla...
Animals that Eat Only Plants or Plant-based & the Protein Myth

Herbivores – Guide to Plant-Eating Animals

Herbivores guide to plant eating animals

In this post, you will learn about what herbivores, the plant-eating animals are, what they eat, what different herbivores are, and examples of herbivore animals. What Are Herbivore Animals? Herbivores are animals that eat plants only or mostly.  These plants are vegetation such as grass, leaves, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and more. The word … Read more

Examples of Herbivore Animals (With Facts!)

Examples of herbivore animals

In this post, we will explore many examples of animals that are herbivores, what makes them herbivores, and what each one eats. What are Herbivore Animals? Herbivore animals are animals that eat primarily plant-based foods. As we learned in Animals That Only Eat Plants (or Mostly Plants), herbivores do not always eat only plants, but … Read more

Herbivorous Birds Pictures (with Names)

Wood duck herbivore

Here are some pictures of herbivorous birds, with their names. You can click on each image for a full image. You can also find a video to start that features even more pictures in slideshow format. Herbivorous Birds Gallery Common Related Questions What birds are only herbivores? There are many birds, such as Geese, Goldfinches, … Read more

Animals That Only Eat Plants & What They Are Called

Horse is animal that only eats plants

There are many animals that only eat plants or mainly eat plants. In this post, you will learn what animals that only eat plants are called, what they eat, where they live, and you’ll learn many examples of these animals. Many people are under the assumption that meat must be consumed in order to survive … Read more