Escarole vs. Endive – What’s the Difference?

Escarole vs. Endive

Escarole and endive are both leafy vegetables springing from the same family and are closely related. So what are the differences between escarole and endive? In this post, you will learn what escarole and endive both are, how they are similar, and how they are different. Let’s jump in! What is Endive? Technically speaking, Endive … Read more

13 Things About Elephant Foot Yam (Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam)

Elephant Foot Yam Suran vegetable Jimikand

Here are some things to know about the Elephant Foot Yam vegetable, also called Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam or Indian Yam.  The Elephant Yam or Suran is a very nutritious vegetable and is consumed mostly in Southeast Asia and India.  It is much like a traditional yam, but it looks like an elephant’s foot and … Read more

Elephant Foot Yam (Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam, Indian Yam Vegetable)

Elephant Foot Yam

The Elephant Foot Yam vegetable is a very unique vegetable, and probably one you haven’t heard of if you don’t live in Southeast Asia.  It’s also called is also called Jimikand, Elephant Yam, Indian Yam or Suran.  It gets its name from the fact that it looks like an elephant’s foot and has a hard … Read more

Vegetables that Start with E – (6 You Probably Didn’t Know)

Fruits and vegetables that start with E

Are you looking for names of vegetables that start with E?  Well, this post is going to talk about all the vegetables we know of that start with the letter E These are all very healthy and nutritious for us and provide tons of benefits when we eat these vegetables that start with E.  Some are … Read more