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  • Can You Boil Chia Seeds? Here’s Why I Wouldn’t (in Oatmeal or Water)
    There’s someone I know who boils their chia seeds in oatmeal in every morning.  This is a question that will sometimes be asked about chia seeds, can you boil chia seeds?  While you can boil chia seeds, and they will be edible, I don’t recommend it, and here’s why. Can You Boil Chia Seeds? If … Read more
  • 6 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet (Health, Environment, Athletes)
    In this post I will examine some benefits of the Plant-based diet, with 6 of the strongest benefits I have found. When I started my plant-based journey, I did it for my own health, but discovered some of these other great benefits down the road. Here they are! Plant-based Diet Improves Our Health The first … Read more
  • What is the Real Mediterranean Diet? (From Crete, Greece)
    It’s hard to believe that we aren’t actually eating the real Mediterranean Diet.  But, it’s true. You see, what we have come to know and love in America is actually an Americanized version of the original or real Mediterranean Diet. So, what is the real Mediterranean Diet then?  Let’s explore. The Mediterranean Diet & Benefits … Read more
  • Fruits that Start with A – (Some of These You Didn’t Even Know)
    In this post we’ll look at a list of all the fruits that start with “A”, that is the letter A in the English alphabet.  We’ll be starting with the most common fruits beginning with A, and then will get into less commonly known ones. Let’s begin! Apple The apple is probably the most commonly … Read more
  • Are Gobstoppers Vegan or Vegetarian? (Jawbreakers)
    Gobstoppers are a hard and round sugary candy that were popular with British school children in the first half of the 1900’s.  The term “gob” is the British slang term for mouth.  They are also known as Everlasting Gobstoppers which came from the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory story, in which the Gobstoppers never … Read more
  • Animals that Eat Grass Only (or Mostly) – Graminivores or Grazers
    In this post we will look at animals that eat only grass, or mostly grass in their diet.  We will also answer the question, what are they called? What are Animals that Eat Only Grass Called? A graminivore is a herbivore animal that eats mostly or only grass.  Remember that herbivores are animals that eat … Read more
  • 14 Snacks that Start with E – With Many Healthy Choices
    In this post we will look at snacks that start with the letter E.  Most of these are fairly healthy choices as well and can be eaten in between meals as a good snack choice.  There will be some common ones to start with, and then some less common ones further down. Let’s begin with … Read more
  • 13 Breakfast Foods that Start with E
    In this post I want to share with you some Breakfast foods that start with E, and we will look at their nutritional value as well.  The beginning of the list will be more common foods, and the last half of the list are less known foods such as certain fruits that could be eaten … Read more
  • High Protein Plant-Based Foods & Sources for Vegetarians & Vegans
    This is a video I made showing a list of plant-based foods that are highest in protein.  These can all be good protein sources if you are plant-based, vegetarian or vegan. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get protein on a plant-based diet.  Actually, a lack of protein is usually not … Read more
  • Are Sour Punch Bites Vegan or Vegetarian? It Depends
    In previous posts we looked at if Sour Patch Kids were vegan or not.  There were actually some things discovered that might make them not vegan.  This post will focus on Sour Punch Bites to determine if they are vegan or not as well as if Sour Punch Bites are vegetarian. See also Are Sour … Read more
  • Do Swedish Fish Have Gelatin in them?
    It may be a little uncertain as to if Swedish Fish have gelatin in them or not.  In our past post we looked at if Sour Patch Kids Have Gelatin, because they contain the consistency of a food that might use gelatin.  Gelatin is used as a gumming agent and make foods and candies gummy, much … Read more
  • What Does Mango Taste Like? (Flavor Description) Pine? Turpentine?
    I really like eating mango fruit with my breakfast oatmeal.  I’ve found that it consistently makes the rotation between, mango, peaches and pineapples as my citrus fruit that I include every morning.  For someone who has never tried mango and is curious what it might taste like, What Does Mango Taste Like? Let’s answer that … Read more
  • Positive Human Environment Interaction Examples – 8 Ways to Help
    Are there any examples of positive Human Environment Interaction?  Most of what has been seen in our post on Human Environment Interaction in Geography saw many negative examples of interactions with the environment and humans. But, are there any positive Human Environment Interaction examples?  There are! Let’s explore them in depth in this post. What … Read more
  • How Long Do Chia Seeds Last? In the Pantry, Water or Fridge?
    If you have purchased a bottle of chia seeds or you purchase in bulk like we do, you might wonder, how long do chia seeds last?  Also, once you open a bottle, it usually takes a long time to eat them, especially if you buy one of the larger bottles.  At times we have had … Read more
  • Entawak Fruit (Artocarpus anisophyllus, Mentawa, Bintawa)
    The Entawak fruit (Artocarpus anisophyllus fruit) is also called the Mentawa fruit or Bintawa fruit.  The Entawak grows in tropical climates such as Indonesia and is found in Malaysia.  It is distantly related to the jack fruit. Entawak Appearance Entawak is a yellow or brown round fruit, usually about 3-4 inches.  It has a spiky … Read more
  • If You Ate a 100% Plant-Based (Vegan) Diet, What Molecule Would You Never Eat?
    If you ate a 100% plant-based (vegan) diet, what molecule would you never eat? If you were to eat a completely whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD), there is one molecule you would never eat, and that would be cholesterol.  Plants do no produce cholesterol, instead they produce phytosterols.  Cholesterol comes from animal products. What is … Read more
  • Animals That Only Eat Plants & What They Are Called
    There are many animals that only eat plants.  This post is going to look at animals that eat plants only and what animals they are called. Many people are under the assumption that meat must be consumed in order to survive and get enough protein for life.  But as we will see from plenty of … Read more
  • Can I Soak Chia Seeds in Hot Water (or Warm Water)?
    We’ve done a couple of posts on soaking chia seeds and a common question seems to be, Can I soak Chia Seeds in hot water? And also, Should I soak Chia Seeds in Cold or Hot water? We will look at this question in this post. What are Soaked Chia Seeds? Chia Seeds are a … Read more
  • Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free?
    As a family we’ve been avoiding gluten as much as possible, since we know the gluten downfalls.  Also, for one of us, it causes noticeable inflammation.  Some people have asked the question, Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free? In previous posts we looked at if Sour Patch Kids are Vegan or Vegetarian and also if … Read more
  • Healthy Vegan Garbage Plate Recipe [Vegetarian & Gluten-free]
    The Garbage Plate has been a popular menu item in Rochester, NY.  But wait, what if you are vegan and looking for a Vegan Garbage Plate recipe?  Well, we’ve been plant-based and vegan for some time now.  And I think I can help someone looking to make a Vegan Garbage Plate.  In my case, I … Read more
  • Are Sour Patch Watermelon Vegan? Here’s Why it Depends
    In one of our last posts, we looked at if regular Sour Patch Kids are Vegan or Vegetarian.  There were actually two different types of Sour Patch Kids, and so you had a vegan version and a non-vegan version.  But many websites have missed this. This post will look at specifically at, are Sour Patch … Read more
  • Are Sour Punch Straws Vegan? It Depends on this
    In one of the previous posts, we looked at the question of are Sour Patch Kids vegan or vegetarian. and also is Are Sour Patch Watermelon Vegan? The answer might surprise some, and is different than a lot of sites have covered. In this post, let’s look specifically at the question, are Sour Punch Straws vegan? Let’s … Read more
  • What Do Chia Seeds Taste Like? How to Make them Taste Good
    We’ve eaten soaked chia seeds pretty faithfully every day, and most people we know have no idea what chia seeds are.  They’ve never seen them or tasted them.  If you see soaked chia seeds, those look even stranger.  And that chia seed gel is probably something very strange to first look at. So what do … Read more
  • 13 Things About Elephant Foot Yam (Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam)
    Here are some things to know about the Elephant Foot Yam vegetable, also called Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam or Indian Yam.  The Elephant Yam or Suran is a very nutritious vegetable and is consumed mostly in Southeast Asia and India.  It is much like a traditional yam, but it looks like an elephant’s foot and … Read more
  • Elephant Foot Yam (Suran, Jimikand, Elephant Yam, Indian Yam Vegetable)
    The Elephant Foot Yam vegetable is a very unique vegetable, and probably one you haven’t heard of if you don’t live in Southeast Asia.  It’s also called is also called Jimikand, Elephant Yam, Indian Yam or Suran.  It gets its name from the fact that it looks like an elephant’s foot and has a hard … Read more
  • 14 Fruits and Vegetables That Start With E
    There are 14 fruits and vegetables that start with E, and we will look at all of them below.  All of these fruits and vegetables are plant-based and super good for you! If you would like a complete list, visit Top 17 Foods that Start with E – Healthy & Beneficial. For just the list of … Read more
  • Fruits that Start With E – 8 You May Not Have Known
    In this post we will look at all the fruits that start with E, the letter E.  There are some great fruits beginning with E, and the first might be a surprise.  These foods can be added to a WFPBD or WFPBNO diet.  (Whole Food Plant Based) You can find a complete list of Healthy … Read more
  • Vegetables that Start with E – And 6 You Probably Didn’t Know
    Are you looking for names of vegetables that start with E?  Well this post is going to talk about all the vegetables we know of that start with the letter E.  These are all very healthy and nutritious for us and provide tons of benefits when we eat these vegetables that start with E.  Some are … Read more
  • Is Reynolds Cut Rite Wax Paper Oven Safe? Only If You Do This
    Previously in Can Wax Paper Go in the Oven? Use this Oven Safe Method post, I wrote about how my wife put some Reynolds Cut Rite wax paper into the toaster oven to heat some banana bread.  Unknowingly the wax paper started to catch fire and smoke.  Thankfully, nothing bad happened and we were able to … Read more
  • Do Sour Patch Kids Have Gelatin in Them? It Depends on This
    After writing an article previously on the topic of Sour Patch Kids being Vegetarian or Vegan, we were walking downtown and happened to stumble into a candy store.  I noticed the Sour Patch Kids on the shelf and had to take a look at the box and ingredients to see if these Sour Patch Kids … Read more


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