Is Burrata Vegan or Vegetarian? Exploring the Options for Plant-Based Alternatives to Traditional Cheese

burrata cheese on a plate

Burrata is a type of cheese that is traditionally made from mozzarella and cream. It is soft and creamy, with a consistency similar to mozzarella, but with a richer, buttery flavor. Traditional burrata is not vegan, as it is made from cow’s milk and cream. However, there are vegan alternatives to burrata that use plant-based … Read more

Flexitarian vs Vegetarian

In this post, we will compare two slightly similar plant-based diets, the flexitarian and the vegetarian diet. We will look at the similarities as well as the differences. Flexitarian vs Vegetarian A flexitarian is a person who follows a predominantly plant-based diet, but who occasionally includes meat, poultry, and fish in their meals. Flexitarians may … Read more

Vegetarian vs Pescatarian – A Look at Two Plant-Based Diets

Vegetarianism and pescatarianism are both dietary and lifestyle choices that involve the exclusion of certain types of animal products from the diet. While there are some similarities between these two choices, there are also some significant differences that set them apart. In this post, we will look at some of the similarities and differences, including … Read more

Vegan vs Vegetarian – What’s the Difference?

Veganism and vegetarianism are both dietary and lifestyle choices that involve abstaining from the use of animal products. While there are some similarities between the two, there are also some key differences. In this post, we will look at the differences between veganism and vegetarianism. Vegan vs Vegetarian Veganism is a stricter form of vegetarianism … Read more

6 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet (Health, Environment, Athletes)

Benefits of a Plant-based Diet for health, athletes, environment

In this post I will examine some benefits of the Plant-based diet, with 6 of the strongest benefits I have found. When I started my plant-based journey, I did it for my own health, but discovered some of these other great benefits down the road. Here they are! Plant-based Diet Improves Our Health The first … Read more