Flexitarian vs Pescatarian

The flexitarian and pescatarian diets are both plant-based diets with some similarities but also some key differences. We will compare the two diets in this post. Flexitarian vs Pescatarian A flexitarian diet is a type of vegetarian diet that includes the occasional consumption of meat, fish, and other animal products. The term “flexitarian” is a … Read more

Vegetarian vs Pescatarian – A Look at Two Plant-Based Diets

Vegetarianism and pescatarianism are both dietary and lifestyle choices that involve the exclusion of certain types of animal products from the diet. While there are some similarities between these two choices, there are also some significant differences that set them apart. In this post, we will look at some of the similarities and differences, including … Read more

Omnivore vs Pescatarian

A pescatarian diet is a dietary pattern that includes fish and other seafood, but excludes meat and poultry. An omnivorous diet, on the other hand, includes a variety of foods from both plant and animal sources. In this article, we will explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of both pescatarian and omnivorous diets. One potential … Read more

What is the Real Mediterranean Diet? (From Crete, Greece)

The Real Mediterranean Diet from Crete, Greece

It’s hard to believe that we aren’t actually eating the real Mediterranean Diet.  But, it’s true. You see, what we have come to know and love in America is actually an Americanized version of the original or real Mediterranean Diet. So, what is the real Mediterranean Diet then?  Let’s explore. The Mediterranean Diet & Benefits … Read more

The Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet of a Cardiologist

Hearth Healthy Diet of Cardiologist

Are you looking for how to keep your heart healthy or how to improve your heart health?  Did you know deaths from heart disease are the number 1 killer in the U.S.?  That’s why heart health is so important. We are going to look at how to improve heart health naturally. Have you considered what … Read more