Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPB) Beginners Guide

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Beginners Guide

I’ve been on the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPB) for over 5 years, along with our family, and we’ve had great success on it.  Hopefully, this can be a complete guide not just for beginners but also for those who are already more experienced with the diet. I’m also hoping this can help you with … Read more

WHY I Went Plant-Based Over 5 Years Ago


I was lucky when I started my plant-based journey. I could say that the Plant-Based Diet found me.  You see, I wasn’t really looking for it, but I grew to love it! So how did it happen? Well, I met my wife.  She was vegetarian (occasionally pescatarian). I was eating a single-guy diet of fast … Read more

The Chia Seeds Ultimate Guide!

Chia seeds

This post will be a complete and ultimate chia seeds guide!  I’ll try to cover all the major topics concerning chia seeds. This will not be all the things that could be talked about for chia seeds, but it will be the most common and main things to know. Let’s start! Chia Seeds Basics We’ll … Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Mango (Why You Should Eat Them!)

Top 10 Mango Benefits

Did you know about the awesome power of mangoes? I discovered mangoes on the whole food plant-based diet, and have found them to be one of my favorite fruits.  But not only are they tasty, but they are also just as good for you!  (You can learn about what they taste like at What Does Mango … Read more

Free Plant-Based Recipes Cookbook Sample

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Beginners Guide

Use the form above to grab our free plant-based recipes cookbook sample that will be delivered directly to you! This will help you to cook more plant-based meals, really helping you to succeed on your plant-based journey. Having the right kind of delicious meals is essential to maintaining a plant-based diet for years to come!

Free Chia Seeds Quick-Start Guide

Chia seeds

Use the form above on this page to sign up for our free chia seeds quick-start guide!  I’ll send to you the best things to know about chia seeds each day, including the best and healthiest ways to eat them, and more! Chia seeds are one of my favorite plant-based foods to eat and you … Read more

Can You Cook Chia Seeds?

Can you cook chia seeds?

A common question that gets asked about chia seeds, is if they are ok to be cooked with?  There are a couple of things to be aware of before cooking your chia seeds, so read this first for the full information. We’ll also discuss options for eating chia seeds and different ways to prep them … Read more

Chia Seed Recipes

Chia Seed Recipes

The following is our growing collection of chia seed recipes.  These are healthy and great ways to add chia seeds to your daily intake! Chia Seed Recipes for Weight Loss The following are some great chia seed recipes to add to your weight-loss regimen.  Chia seeds are so good for weight loss because they contain … Read more

Over 25 Animals that Eat Grass

Donkey eating grass

In a previous post, we looked at herbivores that eat grass primarily, known as grazers or graminivores.  We also looked at examples of these animals as well. This post will look at more examples of animals that eat grass, even those that do not eat primarily grass. Animals that Eat Grass Here are some of … Read more

Are Swedish Fish Vegan? (Check This Ingredient to See)

Are Swedish Fish Vegan?

Swedish Fish have a texture that might make you question if they are truly vegan or not.  As we explored in Are Sour Patch Vegan? there are ways now to make gummy candies without using gelatin or animal products.  But some candies still use these. So in this post, we will explore Swedish Fish to … Read more