Animals that Eat Grass Only (or Mostly) – Graminivores or Grazers

Animals that eat only or mostly grass

Animals that eat only or mostly grass

In this post we will look at animals that eat only grass, or mostly grass in their diet.  We will also answer the question, what are they called?

What are Animals that Eat Only Grass Called?

A graminivore is a herbivore animal that eats mostly or only grass.  Remember that herbivores are animals that eat only plants.

The word graminivore is derived from the two Latin words which mean “grass” and “eat”.   This is where the term grazing also comes from.  To graze therefore means to eat grass.

“Grazers” are a type of herbivore and are in contrast to “Browsers” which are also herbivores.  Browsers eat leaves, fruits and things up higher.  Grazers on the other hand eat grass, which is lower down.

Examples of Animals that Eat Mostly or Only Grass (Graminivores or Grazers)

Here are animals that only primarily or only grass in their diet, and are thus classified as Graminivores.


Cow eating grass

Cows eat mainly grass and are grazers

Cows are animals that graze and eat a lot of grass.  They do browse as well and eat plants.  In dairy settings they don’t eat as high of a percentage of grass in their diet, since they are fed grains and addition to hay and grass.


Similar to cows above.  Cattle eat grass as their main source of food.


Horse eats mainly grass

Horses eat mainly grass

Horses love to graze and eat grass and hay.  They are also able to eat fruits and vegetables if that is available to them.


Hippos eat mostly grass that is found near water, and some water plants.


Bison are grazers and eat mostly grass and grass like plants called sedges.


Zebras eat almost only grass in their diet, with 90% of their diet being grass.  They also eat leaves and twigs as well as shrubs when grass is not available.


Unlike most aquatic birds, instead of eating water plants and animals, they eat food from the land.  You can usually see geese grazing around in the grass in groups.


Sheep graze most of the day, eating grass and weeds.


Donkeys eat mostly grass in the wild.  They will also eat shrubs and desert plants.


Grasshoppers eat grass, plant stems and leaves.

Red Kangaroo

The Red Kangaroo grazes and eats mostly grass.  They will also eat some leaves.


Giant Pandas

Giant pandas feed 99% on bamboo, which is a type of grass of the Poaceae family.  They are an animal that eats only grass, or almost mostly grass.


Rabbits are herbivores, and eat only vegetation and things from plants, including grass.


Green Sea Turtle


These were animals that all eat mainly or almost only grass.  These animals are called Graminivores and are known as grazers.  This is because they graze the land eating grass.


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