Herbivorous Birds Pictures (with Names)

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Here are some pictures of herbivorous birds, with their names.

You can click on each image for a full image. You can also find a video to start that features even more pictures in slideshow format.

Herbivorous Birds Pictures Video

What birds are only herbivores?

There are many birds, such as Geese, Goldfinches, Swans, some Ducks, as well as others, that are herbivores since they eat mostly plants. But they are not strict herbivores since they will also usually eat insects, worms or meat. The only bird that is completely herbivore is the Hoatzin. See Are Birds Herbivores? for more info.

Is a Parrot an herbivore?

Yes, since parrots eat mostly plants, they are considered herbivores. Parrots eat mostly seeds in their diet, as well as fruit and grains.

What birds are not carnivores?

Most birds are not carnivores. The majority of birds are actually omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat. Also, some species of birds are herbivores.

This page has a good number of birds that are herbivores, and thus are not carnivores.

Video Resource

Herbivorous Birds Pictures and Images Video

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