Do Swedish Fish Have Gelatin?

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Do Swedish Fish have gelatin in them or not?
Do Swedish Fish have gelatin in them?

It may be a little uncertain as to if Swedish Fish have gelatin in them or not.  In a previous post, we looked at Do Sour Patch Kids Have Gelatin because they contain the consistency of food that might use gelatin.  Gelatin is used as a gumming agent to make foods and candies gummy, much like Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids.

Since Swedish Fish have a gummy-like texture, you might think that they have gelatin in them.  But do Swedish Fish actually have gelatin, or is if something else, as in the case of some Sour Patch Kids, that might be used instead of gelatin to make them gummy?

Let’s explore that in this article.

Why are Swedish Fish Called Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish
Swedish Fish are a fish-shaped gummy candy that originated in Sweden.

Swedish Fish are a fish-shaped gummy candy that originated in Sweden.  The original Swedish company was named Malaco and wanted something to represent Sweden.  Fishing is a large part of the Swedish culture and composes a lot of the Swedish diet.

Swedish Fish were released in the U.S. in the 1950s.

Are Swedish Fish from Sweden?

Swedish Fish actually did originate in Sweden.  This is why they bear the name Swedish Fish.

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What Flavor Are Swedish Fish?

The flavor of Swedish Fish is lingonberry, a berry that is found growing in Sweden and Scandinavia.  Many Americans describe the flavor of Swedish Fish as fruit punch or think it might be cherry because of the red flavor, but it is actually lingonberry, a berry not common in the U.S. but popular in Sweden.

What is Gelatin?

sweden fishing
Sweden was known for fishing

Gelatin is used in foods as a stabilizer or as a thickening agent.  It is made from boiling the skin and bones of cows and pigs.  This means it is generally not a vegan or vegetarian-friendly product.  Even PETA lists gelatin as not vegan friendly.

Do Swedish Fish Have Gelatin?

Video – Do Swedish Fish Have Gelatin in Them?

According to the ingredients of the American version, Swedish Fish do not have gelatin.  The gumming agent, much like in Sour Patch Kids, appears to be corn syrup and modified corn starch, rather than gelatin.

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Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients of Swedish Fish next.

What Are the Ingredients in Swedish Fish?

According to boxes of Swedish Fish in the U.S. here are the ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Invert sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Modified corn starch
  • Citric acid
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • White mineral oil
  • Carnauba wax or Beeswax
  • Red (Dye) #40
  • Yellow (Dye) #6
  • Yellow (Dye) #5
  • Blue (Dye) #1

Swedish Fish ingredients

It appears that gelatin does not show up in the ingredients for Swedish Fish.

There are two versions of Swedish Fish, one with beeswax and the other without, but in both versions, there is no gelatin listed.

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Do Swedish Fish Have Gluten?

Swedish Fish do not contain any gluten and are gluten-free candy.  For Swedish Fish to have gluten there would need to be wheat present in the ingredients, but no wheat is used, making them gluten-free.

Are Swedish Fish Vegan?

For vegans who are only concerned about gelatin, this is not found in any Swedish Fish variety.  Even though their texture seems as if gelatin might have been used, a different gumming agent is responsible for their texture.  But there are other ingredients, including beeswax, which are found in some older Swedish Fish packages that would make them not vegan friendly.

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Are Swedish Fish Halal?

Swedish Fish do not contain any animal products or alcohol and are halal.  Swedish Fish do not have any gelatin, so there is no concern that they might include any pork.

Do Swedish Fish Have Pork?

Swedish Fish do not have any pork in them.  They do not have any gelatin or any other animal-derived product in them.  Swedish Fish are pork-free.

Are Swedish Fish Kosher?

Swedish Fish do not have any ingredients that would make them not Kosher.  But, they are not officially listed as Kosher and there are claims they are not Kosher.

Final Thoughts

It appears that Swedish Fish do not contain gelatin in any of the forms in which they are distributed.  Instead, they use corn syrup and modified corn starch to create their gummy texture.  This is good for vegans or vegetarians who might be concerned about the use of gelatin.

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