What Does Mango Taste Like? (Flavor Description) Pine? Turpentine?

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I really like eating mango fruit with my breakfast oatmeal.  I’ve found that it consistently makes the rotation between, mango, peaches

, and pineapples as my citrus fruit that I include every morning.

What does mango taste like and its flavor
What does mango taste like? What is a description of the mango flavor?

For someone who has never tried mango and is curious what it might taste like, What Does Mango Taste Like?

Let’s answer that and more in this post.

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What is Mango?

Mango is a citrus fruit that is usually eaten raw.  It has a sweet taste with a lot of health benefits.  (See Health Benefits of Mangos) The flesh is an orange color with a creamy texture.

They are originally from South Asia, and India is currently the number producer of mangoes.

What Does Mango Taste Like?

mangos for flavor
Mangos are sweet with a light citrus flavor and a hint of pine

I really enjoy mangos and like to put them sometimes on my plant-based oatmeal bowl in the mornings.

A ripe mango has a sweet taste that has a slight hint of citrus.  The texture is very soft and creamy.  I would compare the taste of mango to being very much like a peach.  The texture is also much like a peach as well.  It also reminds me slightly of an orange, but less sweet.

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Mango also has a slight pine flavor or a flavor like that of pine needles.  This is actually because some of the compounds that are present in pine are also present in mango.

Some even describe the taste as reminding them of turpentine, which is made out of pine.

What Does Mango Taste Like? How Does it Taste Like Pine (Tree) or Turpentine? Video

Do Mangos Taste Like Peaches?

I think that the closest fruit that mangos taste like are peaches.  The only thing is they are slightly less sweet, and mangos have a slightly earthy note or pine note to them that peaches don’t have.

Is Mango Sweet or Sour?

Mango, as long as it is ripe, is definitely sweet and not sour.  If a mango tastes sour, then the change is that it is not yet ripe.

What Fruit is Similar to Mango?

The closest fruit that tastes like mango, would be peaches or nectarines.  I think these fruits are the most similar to mangos.  Second, I would compare it to an orange, but less sweet.  And next, I would say that it is slightly similar to pineapple, but also less sweet than pineapple, with more of an earthy flavor.

Some have compared papaya to mangos, but I think it is only in the texture they are similar.  The taste of a mango is sweeter than papaya.

Another comparison is made to cantaloupe, but again I feel that cantaloupe is not nearly as sweet as a mango.

What Fruit Tastes Like Mango?

The fruits that taste the most like mango are peaches and nectarines.

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Do Mangos Taste Like Carrots?

The only similarity between mangos and carrots is the orange color.  Mangos do not taste like carrots at all.  Mangos are sweet whereas carrots do not have much of a flavor.

Also, the texture is different.  Mangos have a creamy and soft texture, whereas carrots are hard and crunchy.

Why Does My Mango Taste Sour?

If your mango tastes sour, it is probably because it is not yet ripe.

The way to tell if a mango is ripe is by the feel.  Press on the mango skin firmly, and if there is a slight give, then it is ripe and ready to eat.  Also, the color will turn orange or yellow when it is ripe.

An unripe mango will be hard and also green in color.

Why Do Mangos Taste Like Pine?

Mango has some similar tastes to pine because they contain some of the same compounds.  5 out of 6 of the compounds in pine needles are else present in mango.  This is actually a defense mechanism to drive predators away from the plant.

Mango does not have an overwhelming pine taste, but it does have a slight hint of a piney taste to it.

Which is Sweeter Papaya or Mango?

Mango is much sweeter than Papaya.  Papaya does not have much of a sweetness to it, whereas mango has a noticeable sweet flavor.

Why Does My Mango Taste Like Carrot?

The only answer to this is that the mango might not have been ripe enough if it tastes anything like a carrot.

Why Does My Mango Taste Like Soap?

Mango should not taste like soap at all.  This could mean that it is either not ripe or has gone bad.

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Another possibility is there have been instances where soapy water is poured on the ground around a mango tree.  The mango tree would soak up the soapy water and transfer it to the fruit, and the result was mangos that tasted like soap.

Why Does Frozen Mango Taste Like Fish?

Mango should not taste like fish at all.  That might be a sign that it has gone bad and should be thrown out.


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