Blue Majik Benefits – Health Benefits of the Blue Powder

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Blue Majik Benefits and Health Benefits
Blue Majik Benefits for Health
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You may have seen Blue Majik powder on Instagram, displaying cool-looking blue food or turning a smoothie or drink into a vibrant blue color for a nice photo op.

But did you know that Blue Majik powder doesn’t just turn foods a cool blue color, but also has tons of awesome health benefits as well?  What might some of those health benefits be?  Let’s have a look at all these in this post.

What is Blue Majik?

E3Live Blue Majik Powder
E3Live Blue Majik Powder

Blue Majik is the same as Blue Spirulina.  Blue Majik was the name given by E3Live which was the first company to release a Blue Spirulina powder that you could buy.  Because of that, Blue Spirulina is sometimes referred to as Blue Majik.  But, they are the same thing.  So when we look at Blue Majik benefits, we’ll be looking at blue spirulina benefits.

Blue Spirulina or Blue Majik is the antioxidant Phycocyanin extracted from the superfood spirulina.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is found naturally growing in freshwater sources such as lakes and ponds.  It’s generally grown in more controlled environments now for commercial sale and consumption.

Spirulina is known as a superfood and touts many health benefits with it.  It has different vitamins and minerals as well as protein, being a complete amino acid source.  But probably the best trait of spirulina is its super high antioxidant content.

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E3Live Blue Majik
E3Live Blue Majik
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Antioxidants are powerful substances that can erase free radicals in our bodies that cause damage.  Free radicals damage DNA and cause inflammation and even diseases like cancer.  So anything that can combat free radicals is good for our health.

Blue Majik is the antioxidant Phycocyanin that is found in spirulina.  Regular spirulina is green with a blue tint.  Phycocyanin has a bright blue color, as most antioxidants are very colorful in nature. 

When the Phycocyanin is separated and removed from Spirulina, the phycocyanin is pure blue on its own.  When added to foods and drinks, it can turn them a bright blue color, as you see in many Instagram photos.

Learn more about Blue Spirulina at What is Blue Spirulina?

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What is Blue Majik Made of?

Blue Majik is the antioxidant phycocyanin extracted from regular spirulina.  Phycocyanin is a bright blue color and gives Blue Majik its bright blue color and name.  It’s usually sold in powder form which can be mixed into drinks or food.

Blue Majik Benefits

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Blue Majik spirulina powder in the next section.

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Video Link: Blue Spirulina (Blue Majik) Benefits

What is Blue Majik Good For?

Blue Majik has a couple of uses it’s good for.  First, it has some great health benefits, which we will cover in the next section.  Some people like Blue Majik for the cool blue color that it turns food or drink into.  Also, it makes a good alternative to food coloring.  Food coloring is made from artificial ingredients which can have health concerns.  Also, for some vegans, there may be the issue of food colorings and dyes being tested on animals for safety.

Blue Majik offers a wonderful alternative to artificial food colorings and dyes.  It’s all-natural, plant-based, and actually has health benefits to improve health, instead of the opposite.

Also, when compared to green spirulina, Blue Majik has a better taste.  Green spirulina tends to have a seaweed or fish tank aquarium type of taste to it.  Whereas Blue Majik has no taste.

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Blue Majik Health Benefits

Blue Majik is the same as blue spirulina, so all the health benefits of blue spirulina will apply to Blue Majik as well.

Blue Spirulina is an antioxidant, and antioxidants are powerful substances that help our bodies and improve our health.  Our bodies produce free radicals throughout the course of the day.  Free radicals can damage our health by damaging DNA, causing inflammation and even chronic diseases.  Antioxidants that are found in plant-based foods can neutralize these free radicals, thus improving our health and even preventing chronic diseases.

Both blue and green spirulina also have lots of phytonutrients as well.  You can find out more about phytonutrients here.  These phytonutrients that spirulina contains are phenols, flavonoids and polysaccharides.   Just know that these phytonutrients contribute to spirulina’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.  The polysaccharides found in spirulina give it its immune-enhancing properties.

Spirulina can also increase the activity and number of microphages.  These are white blood cells that can eat up pathogens and early cancer cells.  Link  Another benefit of blue-green algae (Spirulina) is that it increases the activity of natural hunter cells which attack viruses and tumors.  It also protects cells of the immune system from damage and toxins.  Study Study Study

Hand holding another hand - Blue Majik is good for health
Blue Majik is good for our health

Green Spirulina & Blue Spirulina provide health benefits

Spirulina can lower total cholesterol, “bad” LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, and raise “good” HDL cholesterol.  In this study and this study, patients had positive impacts on cholesterol after taking Spirulina.  This can lead to a lower risk of heart disease.  Furthermore, “bad” LDL cholesterol can become oxidized in the body, further leading to heart disease.  Spirulina was found in studies to significantly reduce this oxidative damage, due to its antioxidants.

As noted earlier, Spirulina has been found to have anti-cancer properties and also to fight against tumors.

If you are someone who struggles with high blood pressure, Spirulina was found to lower blood pressure in individuals who were taking 4.5 grams per day.  Study Study  This is thought to be because of an increased production of nitric oxide in the blood, helping blood vessels to relax.  Also, the diastolic pressure is considered to be the more important reading for blood pressure, and it was found drastically reduced in those taking Spirulina.

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As far as brain health, Spirulina has been shown to protect brain cells against damage.  It has been shown to have protective effects against dementia.  This is because dementia is a result of oxidative damage.  Antioxidant-rich foods such as Spirulina help to combat this damage.

Spirulina was found to also help liver health by lowering inflammation.  A study on humans helped show it reduced symptoms of fatty liver disease.

If you are someone who suffers from allergies or asthma, Spirulina was found to help allergy suffers by lessening allergy symptoms.  Spirulina suppresses the creation of Th2 cells, which contribute to inflammation.  One researcher of a study wrote, “Spirulina is clinically effective on allergic rhinitis when compared with placebo.”

For those who might have anemia, Spirulina might prove to be a help as well.  In this study of older individuals with anemia, Spirulina supplementation was able to increase the hemoglobin content of red blood cells and improve the immune system.

Runner running - Blue Majik helps athletes and runners
Blue Majik can help athletes and runners by improving endurance

If you are an athlete, Spirulina might give you a boost by increasing endurance and greatly increasing the time it takes till fatigue.  Men who were used to jogging were able to sprint longer periods of time before fatiguing.  It might be beneficial since exercise increases oxidative damage, leading to muscle fatigue, and Spirulina can help against this with its high antioxidant level.

Also, Spirulina has proven effective for lowering blood sugar levels in animals.  One study on humans proved effective as well for lowering blood sugar levels a good amount.  A meta-analysis found that it was good at lowering fasting blood sugar and studies show it may improve insulin sensitivity.

One final benefit is the idea that phycocyanin (Blue Spirulina) can bind with heavy metals in the body and help remove them.  One study showed that Spirulina might be beneficial for those with high arsenic levels.

Blue Majik may also help with joint health according to E3Live and also reduce inflammation in the body.  Remember, inflammation is caused by free radicals, so this makes sense.

Are you impressed with all of these health benefits?  No wonder it’s called a superfood.  Spirulina has been shown to reduce the risk of cancers, lower the risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, fight anemia, improve blood lipid levels, improve athletic performance, protect the liver and more.  With all of these benefits, it makes me want to find my old bottle of Spirulina and start taking it again.

So, is Blue Spirulina healthy?  Absolutely, as you can see.

So just for a quick recap on the potential benefits of Blue Majik spirulina powder:

  • Fights free radicals in the body
  • Improves the immune system
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties
  • Improve and protect the brain
  • Improve liver health
  • Help with anemia
  • Improve athletic performance, especially for endurance athletes
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Remove heavy metals from the body
  • Joint health
  • Improve inflammation

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Is Blue Spirulina Better than Green?

Blue Majik is missing some of the nutrients that would be present in the whole form of green spirulina.  But, Blue Majik is composed of the pure antioxidant which gives spirulina its biggest health benefits.  Whether this antioxidant performs better or not when taken in its whole natural form of green spirulina, is unknown.

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But for some, the taste difference of Blue Majik will be much more favorable and better than green spirulina.

Are There Any Blue Majik Side Effects?

Generally, regular spirulina has been noted as fairly safe for most people.  Blue Majik is a natural substance, so there wouldn’t be likely to be a risk from it.  But like anything, it should not be overconsumed.  Stay within the recommended use and also be aware that it is a newer product, and has not been studied for long-term health effects.

As far as side effects, in some people, it has been shown to cause upset stomach, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.  If you experience any side effects, then discontinue taking.

What Does Blue Majik Taste Like?

Blue Majik has no taste or flavor.  This makes it preferable to regular spirulina, which can have an aquatic taste to it.

Blue Majik vs Spirulina

Blue Majik and spirulina should have many of the same health benefits.  But, Blue Majik will be missing some of the nutrients present in the whole form of spirulina.  But, the most helpful part of spirulina, the antioxidant, will be actually in a higher concentration with Blue Majik.  So, that might make Blue Majik healthier in that way.

But, be aware that the cost of Blue Majik is somewhat higher than spirulina.  So even though it’s a higher concentration of antioxidants, it will cost more ounce per ounce compared to regular spirulina.

Also, Blue Majik has no taste and might be preferable to regular spirulina which has an aquatic taste.

Where to Buy Blue Majik Powder

Blue Majik powder can be found online at Walmart. Or you can visit E3Live’s Blue Majik page to purchase.

Our Top Pick
E3Live Blue Majik
E3Live Blue Majik
This is our preferred choice for buying E3Live Blue Majik powder online. It should qualify for free shipping as well.
You have a choice of powder, vegetarian capsules, or On-the-Go Singles Packets.

You may be able to find it also at your local health food store.

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Blue Majik Smoothie

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