45 Fruits that Start with the Letter A – (Two Might Surprise You!)

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Fruits that start with A
Fruits that start with A

In this post, we’ll look at a list of all the fruits that start with “A”, the letter A in the English alphabet.  We’ll be starting with the most common fruits beginning

with A, and then will get into less commonly known ones.

(You can find more fruits at Fruits List from A-Z or more fruit lists by letters of the alphabet at the end of the post.)

One of these will surprise you and most don’t realize it’s actually a fruit!

Fruits that Start with A

Some fruits that start with the letter A video


Apple - A Fruit that begins with A
Apple – A quite underrated healthy fruit that begins with A

The apple is probably the most commonly known fruit that starts with A.  The apple is actually found worldwide but was originally only found in Asia.  It was brought to North America by settlers.

Apples are usually underrated for their nutritional value.  But, they are incredibly good for us and have many health benefits.

The old expression really holds true, that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Apples can be eaten raw and are generally consumed this way.  But there are also many other common applications for apples especially in baking and desserts, including apple pie and apple fillings.


Avocado - fruits beginning with letter A
Avocado – A fruit beginning with the letter A and very nutritious

Surprisingly, avocados are actually fruits!  It doesn’t seem that they would be considered a fruit since they do not have the usual sweet taste that fruits typically carry.  In fact, avocados are not sweet at all, and instead of consisting of carbs as most fruits do, they are actually high in fats instead.  The complete opposite of most fruits.

Even more surprising is that the avocado is actually a berry as well!  They are considered berries since they have all the features of a berry, including a seed and fleshy pulp.

Avocados are high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.  The majority of this fat is oleic acid, the main component of olive oil, with tremendous health benefits.


Apricots fruit starting with a
Apricots – a fruit starting with A

Apricots were initially native to Asia.  Apricots look like small peaches but are not as sweet.

Apricots are good for our health as they are loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants help our body to fight free radicals and disease.  This has the effect of lowering our inflammation levels in the body as well.

Apple Guava

The Apple Guava is another name for the Guava fruit.  Guava trees grow in tropical climates and are found in Mexico and Peru.  The appearance is oval-shaped and about they are about the size of an apple.  It is very similar looking to an apple.

The whole Apple Guava fruit is edible, including the seeds.  Very often Guava is eaten raw or used to make jellies or sauces.

Apple Guava usually has a sweet flavor.  The sweetness will change depending on the variety, however.  Guava has less sugar than an apple and more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Some describe the taste of Apple Guava as a mixture between a pear and strawberry.

American Black Elderberry

The American Black Elderberry or Common Elderberry is so named because it is found growing in North America.  It is a small round berry with a dark black color.

Its traditional uses were for treating colds and boosting the immune system.

American elderberries are edible and can be eaten after being cooked when they are ripe.  It’s said the seeds are poisonous to eat, but cooking them renders the seeds non-poisonous.

Elderberry is sold in pill form in many supplement stores as an immune enhancer due to its immune-boosting properties.

American Red Raspberry

The American red raspberry or American raspberry is a fruit that is found native to North America.  They are usually found growing in woods and along roadsides or fields.

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The raspberry is a small red fruit and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Red raspberries are high in antioxidants and good for health and in helping blood vessels to relax.


Acai fruits are loaded with antioxidants.  Acai is found in tropical areas of South and Central America.

It is a grape-like fruit that comes from the acai palm tree.  Acai has a deep purple color.

Acai has become popular in recent times as a superfood, and you will find it often in acai bowls.

Ashwagandha Berries

The Ashwagandha plant produces an orange-red fruit that can be eaten.  They look similar to cherry tomatoes in appearance.

The taste however is somewhat bitter and the berries are not consumed very often.

Almond Fruit

In some parts of the world, almonds are eaten as fruit!  Actually, what we know as almonds, are actually the seeds of the almond fruit.

As the almond fruit matures, it will split and spit the seed out.  This seed is what we eat as almonds in the United States.  Technically, this makes almonds not actually nuts as they are generally called, but rather seeds instead.

Akebi (Akebia)

Akebi Fruits
Akebi Fruits

The Akebi (Akebia) fruit, or Chocolate Vine, is a beautiful purple fruit that is native to north Japan.

The Akebi is not known for its taste.  It has a bitter taste, especially in the seeds.  There is a mild bit of sweetness, which is considered sweet in the Japanese culture, which does not have very many sweet items.

Australian Finger Lime

The Australian Finger Lime is a small citrus fruit that is shaped like a finger.  It’s found in Australia and generally used in cocktails, jams, and dressings.

The Australian Finger Lime has a sour flavor with a slight bitterness.  It has interesting little caviar-like beads on the inside.


Acerola Fruit
Acerola fruit in a bowl. Looks much like a cherry.

The Acerola is found in Central America and the Caribbean.  It is a small red fruit that looks like a cherry. It is also known as the Barbados cherry, as further talked about in Fruits that Start with B.

The Acerola is very high in vitamin c. It is actually one of the highest known plant sources of vitamin c.


The Ambrella is found in humid and tropical climates, predominantly in Asia and Africa.  The Amberella is a summertime fruit.  It’s also known as the Amra or Hog Plum.

Ambarella fruit
Ambarella fruit on the tree

The Amerella is green in color and the taste is sour.  They are usually pickled or made into jams, and can also be eaten with spices.

Amberella is very nutritious, having Vitamins A and C.


This is another name for the Ambrella or Hog Plum just previously mentioned.

Asian Pear

Asian Pear fruit that starts with A
Asian Pear – Fruit that starts with A By JJ Harrison (jjharrison89@facebook.com) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5566382

The Asian Pear, just like all pears, are derived from Asia.  The Asian Pear had its origins in China, Korea and Japan.

They are found in light brown, yellow, or bright green colors.  They are very juicy and have a high water content.  Because of this they are usually not baked into pies but are instead peeled and eaten raw.

At one point, they were reserved for nobility in Asia.  They have now become one of the most popular fruits in Asia.

Asam Payak or Asam Kelubi

Eleiodoxa asam payak or asam kelubi
Eleiodoxa – asam payak or asam kelub By KengSiri – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18426290

Asam Payak or Asam Kelubi is one of the common names for Eleiodoxa conferta.  Its name literally means the sour fruit from the swamp.  It’s a fruit that is found in the swamps of Southeast Asia.

There is a yellow variety and a red variety of Asam Payak.  It is extremely sour, hence the name.


The Abiu comes from the Amazon region of South America.  Abiu is considered an extremely delicious fruit and maybe one of the tastiest fruits in the world.  Some even say it tastes like caramel flan.


Siraitia grosvenorii is known as the popular monk fruit, luohan guo, or Arhat.  Arhat is found in Southern China and Northern Thailand.

In Eastern medicine, Arhat is known as one of the best healing herbs.

Monk fruit is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar and is used as a sugar substitute and sweetener.


Ackee is found in Jamaica and is also the Jamaican national fruit.

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Ackee has a slightly nutty flavor but with a little bit of bitterness.

Ackee is good for you and has many great nutritional properties to it.  Ackee is considered poisonous or unsafe to eat when it is unripe.  When it is ripe, however, it is safe to eat.

African Cherry Orange

The African Cherry Orange is a citrus fruit found in West Africa.

Amazon Tree-Grape

The Amazon Tree-Grape is found in South America in the Amazon Basin.

The Amazon Tree-Grape has a sweet flavor and tastes like a regular grape, but also is tangy.  It is juicy and is usually eaten or made into a jam.

Unlike regular grapes, the African Tree-Grape can stain your fingers with its color.


The Araza fruit is a yellow or green fruit found in Brazil and the Amazon forest.  Another name is the Araca Boi.  It is a large and bright yellow fruit that is related to Guava.

It has a very sour flavor and is not eaten raw.  Instead, it is added to other foods such as ice cream and drinks.

Araca Boi

Araca Boi is another name for the Araza fruit which is mentioned previously.

African Horned Cucumber

The African Horned Cucumber is the cucumis metuliferus and is also commonly called the Kiwano or horned melon.

This is because it is orange-colored with spikes on the exterior.  The inside is green and seedy.

The African cucumber is good for health since it contains antioxidants, including Vitamin A and C, as well as other nutrients.

The African cucumber has a flavor that is a mix of banana, cucumber and lemon juice.

African Medlar

The African Medlar or Wild Medlar fruit is very sweet in taste.  Traditionally the Wild Medlar was used for treating pneumonia and malaria.

Due to the Wild Medlar’s high sugar content, it is commonly used to make alcohol.


The aprium fruit is a cross between the apricot and the plum, hence the name aprium.

There is another cross between the two fruits called a pluot.  But the aprium is more similar to the apricot than the plum, which is why the color resembles an apricot.  The pluot is more closely related to the plum than the apricot.

Apriums grow on trees and their skin can be eaten.  The taste is that of a sweet apricot with a slight taste of a plum.


The Atemoya fruit is a cross between the sugar apple and the cherimoya.

The taste of the Atemoya is sweet with a slight tart flavor and also vanilla flavor.  Its added many times to ice cream and desserts.

The atemoya is good at increasing energy levels, fighting the effects of colds, lowering blood pressure, and weight loss.  It is high in antioxidants and may boost mood and digestion.

Atherton Raspberry

Rubus Probus is known as the Atherton Raspberry or Wild Raspberry.  It is found growing in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

They are red edible fruits that are often collected from the wild.

Alligator Apple

The Pond Apple, Alligator Apple, or Swamp Apple is native to Florida in the U.S.  They are also found in the Caribean, Australia, and Central America.

The pulp can be eaten, but the seeds are poisonous.  They are commonly eaten by alligators, which is where the name is derived from.

Many do not like the flavor, and it is not sweet like a regular apple.  But it can be cooked to make jelly.


The Abiurana is similar to the Abiu and is also found in the Amazon.  It is a small yellow fruit and is rare.

African Breadfruit

The Ukwa is also known as the African Breadfruit.

African Star Apple

The African Star Apple is found in the forests of Africa.  It contains a star shape on the inside, which is where its name came from.

The African Star Apple is nutritious and is usually eaten raw.

Alligator Pear

The Alligator Pear is better known as the avocado.

The reason that avocados might be called alligator pears is due to a mistranslation from the early English who may have misunderstood the word “avocado pear” as “alligator pear”.  Another possibility is that it was called this because the avocado has a tough green skin much like an alligator.

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Azarole or Azerole

Azarole or Azerole is the most common name for a species of hawthorn berry.

The Azarole fruit taste is said to be that of a tart apple.

Alpine Strawberry

Alpine strawberries are found in Europe and Asia and are many times called wild strawberries.  They are smaller in size than regular strawberries but have the same red color.

Alpine strawberries are edible.  Even though they are smaller they have a strong and powerful taste and are regarded as very delicious.


Ausubo or balata is a one-inch yellow fruit that is not very well known.  It is found in South America and Mexico and originated in Puerto Rico.

The Ausubo contains one black seed and the pulp is edible.


The Alupag fruit is found in the Philippines.  The outside of the Alupag looks rough and like warts, and the flesh is a semi-transparent white with a seed in the center.

Most prefer the similar fruit called lychee, because the Alupag has much less flesh to eat, due to the seed being bigger.

Australian Round Lime

Also known as the Dooja or Australian Lime, the Australian Round Lime is a small green citrus fruit that resembles a regular lime.  It’s found growing in Australia.


The Amanatsu orange is a yellow-orange citrus fruit found in Japan.  It’s also called the Japanese Summer Orange or natsumikan.

Anchovy Pear

The Anchovy Pear is found in Central America and Jamaica near marshes and rivers.  It is an edible fruit that is very similar to a mango.

Andean Raspberry

The Andean Raspberry is a species of raspberry found in Latin America.

The taste tends to be that of the loganberry, which is a mix between a blackberry and raspberry.

Atherton Raspberry

The Atherton Raspberry is also known as a wild raspberry and is found growing in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Apple Berry

The Apple Berry, or Apple Dumpling, is a fruit that can be eaten raw off the tree.  It’s found growing in Australia.

The taste of the Apple Berry is similar to stewed apples.  If they are ripe they can be eaten raw and if not ripe they can be roasted and still eaten.


The Arrayan fruit is also known as Sartre Guava.  It is a small yellow-orange guava fruit.

It is tart with a slightly citrus flavor.


The Argan fruit is oval-shaped and about the size of an olive.  These are found growing in Morocco.

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