Fruits and Vegetables that Start with X

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Fruits and vegetables that start with X
By Paul venter – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In this post, we will look at all the fruits and vegetables that start with X.  Since X is an unusual letter to begin words with, these lists are much shorter than most fruits and vegetables lists!


We will look at the fruits that starts with X first, since there are more fruits starting with the letter X, than vegetables.

Fruits that Start with X

This video has some of the fruits beginning with X.  Below there will be a list of the fruits with more details for each.

Let’s look at each of these fruits in more detail next.


Xigua melon

The Xigua is a melon that is found in Africa and Asia.  Even though the Xigua is native to Africa, now the majority of Xiguas are produced in China.  The word Xigua is actually Chinese for “watermelon”.

The Xigua is different from the watermelon in that it has fewer seeds, and also it has a yellow-colored inside flesh, instead of the red pinkish color of watermelon.

Xigua is good for the health and has a high amount of vitamin C.  Xigua also contains citrulline, a nutrient that helps with blood flow in the body.

Xiguas have a sweeter taste than watermelons.


Xoconostle is a fruit that comes from a cactus plant found in Mexico.

Xoconostle are sour in flavor and are usually used to flavor a dish called mole de olla, but can also be used to make jellies, salsa, beverages, or chutneys.  There are also some medicinal uses for Xoconostle.

Ximenia Caffra

Ximenia Caffra is also called the sourplum.  It gets its name from its sour flavor.  Ximenia Caffra is edible and can be eaten raw, but is sour so usually is not.

Ximenia Caffra fruit
By Paul venter – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ximenia Caffra is a small red fruit that is found growing mainly in South Africa.


Xarel-lo grapes
By batega – originally posted to Flickr as Young wine, CC BY 2.0,

The Xarello is a variety of white grapes of Spanish origin.  The Xarel-lo is used to make a white wine.

Ximenia Americana

Ximenia Americana is the technical name for the fruit commonly called hog plum, yellow plum, tallow wood, or sea lemon, seaside plum, American plum, monkey plum, blue sour plum, or Spanish plum.

Ximenia americana fruit
Ximenia Americana fruit. By Bob Peterson from North Palm Beach, Florida, Planet Earth! – Hog Plum (Ximenia americana)Uploaded by Jacopo Werther, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Ximenia Americana is edible and can be eaten raw without cooking.  It’s also used to make juices, jams, or drinks.  The seed of the Ximenia Americana is also used to make Ximenia oil.

Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit

Xylocarpus granatum is a type of tree that produces brown medium-sized fruits.  The tree is found growing in Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.  It’s also known as the puzzlenut tree, cannonball mangrove (because of the fruits it produces, which are large and look like cannonballs), or cedar mangrove.

Xylocarpus granatum fruit
By Toby Hudson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The ripened fruit of the Xylocarpus granatum eventually falls from the tree to the ground and will crack open.


Xinomavro means “sour black”, and is a red grape variety used in making some red wines.

Xinomavro grapes
By εγώ – εγώ, Attribution,

Vegetables that Start with X

Next, we will look at the vegetables that start with X.

Are there any vegetables that actually start with the letter ‘X’?  Technically, in English, there are no vegetables that start with the letter X.  But instead of having an empty list, we will look at a few vegetables that start with X in Chinese and Vietnamese.

Xà Lách Xoong

Xà Lách Son or Xà Lách Xoong is the Vietnamese word for watercress.

Xà Lách Xoong or Watercress
Xà Lách Xoong or Watercress

Watercress is extremely healthy and nutritious and is considered one of the top superfoods you can eat every day.  It looks almost like little clovers you find growing in yards.

Xi Lan Hua

Xi Lan Hua is the Chinese word for brocolli.  Broccoli is a great vegetable choice to add to stir fry.

xi lan hua broccoli
Xi lan hua (broccoli)

Xi Yang Cai

Xi Yang Cai is the Chinese word for what we just looked at, watercress.  Specifically, it is the Mandarin word for watercress and literally means “Western vegetable”.

Chinese watercress can be eaten raw or can be steamed and is packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Some common Chinese applications for Xi Yang Cai are watercress soup or stirfry watercress.

Xà Lách

Xà Lách is the Vietnamese word for lettuce.  The green leafy vegetable we are familiar with.  Lettuce is commonly used for salads, soups, and sandwiches.

List of Fruits and Vegetables that Start with X

Here is a complete list of the fruits and vegetables that start with X.  Remember, technically there are no vegetables that start with X in the English language, but we’ve included some Vietnamese and Chinese names for vegetables instead.

  • Xigua
  • Xoconostle
  • Ximenia Caffra
  • Xarel-lo
  • Ximenia Americana
  • Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit
  • Xinomavro
  • Xà Lách Xoong (Vietnamese)
  • Xi Lan Hua (Chinese)
  • Xi Yang Cai (Madarin Chinese)
  • Xà Lách (Vietnamese)

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